Bringing 4 million lunatics enthusiasts online to draft their teams for the 2008 season. Given the money being spent (25% of a $2 billion legitimate fantasy sports market) and a under-the-table betting market I imagine is several times bigger, it’s not surprise that there is a growing list of companies with software and services that claim to assist in the draft. Here’s a brief list of what I’ve seen and links to some comparisons… 

Draft software and tools include Diamond Draft, DraftMVP, DraftDynamix, Optidraft, Mock Draft Central, Rotowire, Rotolab, Rhino Software, Fantasy Sports Prophet. The ones listed in bold include analytics that recommend specific players to draft.

I’ll post a comparison shortly. In the meantime, please feel free to add to the list or post your comments about any one of the tools.

Note: Draft MVP was co-founded by Cyrus Wadia, a friend and former colleague.

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