I speak regularly about social media, social networking, start-ups, technology and the broad categories listed to the right of this page. Some of these events are full presentations, some are panels. Where possible, I’ve included links to the session and/or materials:


Jul 15     Oracle Corporation (Redwood Shores, CA)
Jul 15     Speaking on social media and enterprise software

Jul 11     Social Networking Conference (San Francisco, CA)
Jul 15     Speaking on mobile applications

Feb 27   Dow Jones Venture One (Redwood Shores, CA)
Feb 27   Speaking on “the consumerprise”


Oct 31   Social Network Design Council (San Francisco, CA)
Oct 31   Speaking on corporate applications of social networks

Jul 27    Social Media Conference (San Francisco, CA)
Jul 27    Speaking on mobile social networking

Jun 14   Web 2.0 Summit (New York, NY)
Jun 14   Speaking about emerging technologies


Oct 17   MIT/Stanford Venture Lab (Stanford, CA)
Oct 17   Speaking about Enterprise 2.0 companies

Jun 01   CIO Strategy Exchange (New York, NY)
Jun 01   Speaking about social networks to Fortune 100 CIOs


Oct 18  World Financial Symposium (New York, NY)
Oct 18  Speaking on growth and exit strategies

Sep 28  InfoX (New York, NY)
Sep 28  Presented a collaborative tools clinic

Oct 17  ThinkEquity Conference (Half Moon Bay, CA)
Oct 17  Speaking about On Demand and SaaS models

Jun 22  Collaborative Technologies (New York, NY)
Jun 22  Leading a working session on new technologies

Jun 16  Ziff Davis Business 4Site (Los Angeles, CA)
Jun 16  Debating with Spoke, LinkedIn, ZeroDegrees

Mar 17  iBreakfast (New York, NY)
Mar 17 Speaking on social networks


Jun 20  Churchill Club (Palo Alto, CA)
Jun 20  Speaking about blogging and social networking

Jun 14  Business Development Institute (Mtn View, CA)
Jun 14  Debating with Spoke, LinkedIn, ZeroDegrees