Thanks to all that attended, and thanks to Dave at RoseRyan, who have helped my co-founder and I build our last four companies. If you need a partner that can help you with all aspects of your finance, please call them.

For a bit of background on a typical journey through fundraising rounds, please see these TechCrunch articles from 2013 (“Close a Round With New ‘Inbound’ Tools & Techniques“) and 2020 (“Directly nabs $20M led by Samsung to help make customer service chatbots more intelligent“).

A few founders asked about the sequencing of rounds, and whether they should try to skip their seed and go straight for their series A. I wrote a bit about this here a decade ago, and still stand by it: Timing is Everything, Raising capital from friends and family, angels and venture firms.

Please see here for the materials covered and referenced in our sessions:

For clarity, the data room in the presentation comes before the term sheet and is used by venture investors to determine whether or not to give a term sheet and to value the company. The diligence checklist and room is typically maintained by the law firm, comes after the term sheet, and is used to make sure the finances, contracts, etc are in good order and as represented. For more on diligence, please see here.

The startup journey is almost always thrilling. Hopefully, these materials make the path a little more navigable.

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