A quick civic update on last month’s Covid Challenge, an event we coordinated with StopTheSpread to develop solutions that fight vaccine hesitancy and improve access in underserved countries and communities. This remains important in the U.S. as variants and hesitancy push out the prospect of herd immunity and internationally as underserved countries are in the midst of what will be multi-year campaigns.

The event convened product development teams from Disney, Cience, Directly and other companies as far away as Argentina and India. Five final prototypes emerged, three of which are moving forward. Please see here and below for the pitches & prototypes, along with ways you can help each initiative:

  • The Moderate team has pushed their Vaxinate.ai API to production and is selling it to social and messaging platforms to help them detect and fight vaccine misinformation. If you’d like to help, contact me or the team if you can introduce the team to any social network, messaging, community or media company that’s fighting vaccine misinformation.
  • Shield10 helps affluent India citizens sponsor vaccinations for the less fortunate people around them. It was developed by senior engineers in India from MakeMyTrip, Amazon, Atlassian, Walmart, Paytm and Tinvio. It is sponsored by the MakeMyTrip foundation and in development as the team meets with the other companies to drive broader support. If you’d like to help, please introduce me to a U.S. based GM that can coordinate the U.S. India response, or to prominent individuals in the tech community interested in this effort.
  • Covid Crushers is a vaccination drive platform that rewards participants with free access to live events, focusing on geographies, communities and age groups that are hesitant or underserved. The team is building towards launch and distributing the product as a SaaS application to music companies that want to protect their audience and attendees. If you’d like to help into me or the team to any label, agent, event promoter, ticketing platform or music service who has an interest in encouraging vaccinations.

Next, a big thanks to our health care and venture judges.

Finally, a big thanks and shoutout to the supporters that made this event happen:

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